Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Desert's Secrets

The Desert's Secrets
(Alessandro Pronzato)

In the desert the most urgent thing is---to wait. The desert does not take kindly to those who tackle it at breakneck speed, subjecting it to their plans and deadlines. It soon takes its revenge and makes them pay dearly for their presumption. Instead, the desert welcomes those who shed their sandals of speed and walk slowly in their bare feet, letting them be caressed and burnt by the sand. If you have no ambition to conquer the desert, if you do not think you are in charge, if you can calmly wait for things to be done, then the desert will not consider you an intruder and will reveal its secrets to you.

Source: Meditations on the Sand

(from today's inwardoutward.org)
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Karen and Joe said...

The desert really hurts, beyond description, and none of us seek it or enter the desert willingly. It seems good advice for making it through though, and hopefully we shall cross the desert into a new and green place. My prayers and comfort for you today, suffering sister-desert walker, for shade and sweet water.

Purple said...

I read this in my email this morning...really like inward/outward. This also reminds me a bit of Parker Palmer's ideas about letting the true soul show up (in his book "A Hidden Wholeness".)

Jennifer said...

I received the inward/outward e-mails, too.
Urgent waiting stood out to me...