Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I keep thinking that I might write something, but none of it is bloggable.

We have a stack of birthdays and anniversaries ahead.

Our 35th wedding anniversary for one. I told the kids the other night that had their brother lived, I would have started dropping hints last winter about the big party they were expected to throw.

We have decided that a quiet family dinner is as much as we can manage.

September 2 looms ahead.

People tell me repeatedly that the second year can be worse.


Carol said...

One day at a time, GG. And try as much as possible not to look ahead to and focus on the September date. Live each day now as best you can. It just might make September 2 a little bit less difficult. You're in my thoughts as always.

karengberger said...

I have heard that, as well. Year 2 has been different for me; better in some ways, and worse in others. There were a LOT of strong emotions as the day of her passing approached. I hope you will be very gentle with yourself each day.
As Carol said, One day (one moment) at a time.

Jennifer said...


Karen and Joe said...

Anniversaries, all of them, are painful. No avoiding that. I hurt for you and what is coming for you.
We are still feeling the shock waves of our first. We are keeping it simple, doing a whole lot of nothing, focusing on the little things, being gentle with ourselves. Hope you all can do the same. My new motto:"When life hurts, look at trees and flowers, watch the dogs romps, blog about grandchildren being silly."
Love and comfort and prayers for you.

Rev SS said...

good insights above ... nothing but (((GG))) to add.

Anonymous said...

August 23rd begins my 3rd year and I can feel a change in my emotions. The second year has been the worst of it for me. But the sunshine is returning and it's becoming easier to accept and remember the good times. The family can talk and share the good memories and we are finally beginning to understand some of the why of our loss.
All the posts above say so much better than I how to travel the road. You are continually in my prayers.