Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day Week-end: So Far

Friday morning ~ Really, a pretty excellent morning ~ all of it involved, one way or another, with the practice of spiritual direction and the ongoing Catholic-Protestant dialogue in my life and with my friends.

Afternoon ~ The day fell apart. Big plans for accomplishing something academic, but several hours were filled with the continuing (and perhaps after several weeks finally successful) effort to surrender our son's car to the dealer. And all for want of a fax. The young man at the dealer has been unfailingly polite; it was someone on the other end, or perhaps many someones, who has not seemed able to perform their job(s).

Evening ~ After a bit of a rant, about how whenever I accomplish one of these minor but emotionally burdensome tasks, I think it's time for my son to come home ~ "OK, that one's done, we got over another hurdle ~ now can we go back to our lives?" ~ I crawled into bed and spent most of the evening reading. Gregarious Son got home from work early and I could hear him and the Quiet Husband laughing over a movie in the living room.

Saturday morning ~ Drove to the university library to find it closed for the week-end, so came home and set up shop in the dining room. Email from a friend whose son also died by suicide. I emailed back that my basic plan for tomorrow is to hibernate, and to cancel most of the next several months, when all of our family anniveraries of all sorts will take place. ("You already tried to cancel Christmas and Easter," my spiritual director pointed out last week.) She sent a wise response,urging me to " just plan to be doing something. And include in the plan time to cry, scream, yell, write, pray, talk, be alone, whatever." I plan to go for a walk and then clean the house and clean out the gardens. No public appearances and no academic work.

Saturday afternoon ~ Managed to delete 8 pages of 22-page outline of paper. After an hour of quiet panic, realized where I had another copy on the computer. Still took an hour to recreate.

It's gray and windy outside, but it's walk time. Enough of sitting here working.


mompriest said...

It's sunny and HOT here....100+
...I think your friend is wise...make plans to do "something" around all of the upcoming holidays...even if all you do is go to a movie and take a walk...or something "other reality" like that

Katherine E. said...

I am remembering with such gratitude the comment you left on my blog, GG, last year.

And I will hold in prayer you and all those who participate in your "holding hands" (what a great idea) on Mother's Day post.

Carol said...

Sending hugs and prayers today and always. Continue to be good to yourself, GG. How was the walk?Word verification: Sticketo. To whom am I to stick it?

Mary Beth said...