Thursday, January 22, 2009

Toughing It Out

Be gentle, for everyone you meet is carrying a great burden.

~ Philo of Alexandria


I had some medical testing, female variety, this morning. I had postponed it for as long as I could ~ one of many appointments cancelled in the aftermath of our son's death.

Lovely, young, vibrant technician:
How many pregnancies? How many children?

Me, in the bathroom between tests, tears running down my face.

Driving home, thinking about the neighbors who became parents of triplets several years ago. Two of the babies died almost immediately. A couple at church lost all three of their triplets. A good friend has three children to show for six pregnancies. Gal, who writes so beautifully of her daughter's short life.

A lifetime ahead of questions. How many pregnancies? How many children?


Purple said...

Hell's bells...I don't think I would of even made it to the bathroom.

Deb said...

Yes. I remember having to give family history information in March after a bleak February. Prayers.

Jennifer said...

Neat, tidy questions that don't begin to anticipate the chaos and pain of our lives.

Bless you.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Wrapping you in my thoughts just now.

mompriest said...

I hear you....three pregnancies, two children birthed...and the same questions asked...21 years later I don't cry anymore but I still remember. A hug for you.

Jodie said...

The daughter of a friend of mine, working as a nurse in a village in Uganda:

"The answer to the questions 'how many children have you had' is not a number. It's her whole life's story"

How could it possibly be a number?

Kathryn J said...

The quote about being gentle is so important. One really never knows another's burden. This window helps me understand yours but only a bit.

Sending prayers and love.

Stratoz said...

May all of us accept the offer of the yoke. May all of us offer a yoke.


My students often to ask, "why don't you have children?" Some seem amazed that I don't have any. Some say that I should have children. I don't have an answer for them other than to say it is a long story that is personal.

I am glad for those I feel I can tell my story... it is a way to lessen the burden.