Thursday, July 22, 2010

Blogging Survivors of Suicide II

Connections are good.

Of course, it's mostly confidential.

But as one woman, four months in, raised that issue with which we all struggle, that someone we loved could have suffered so much in the last moments of life, another woman, four years in, said that she has read that people who survive suicide attempts often say that they have no memory at all of the minutes just before. Complete dissociation.

As with most things related to this subject, I think that we all wondered whether that is or is not comforting news.

As with most things, we have no way of knowing.

And I said, in connection with a wedding we are not attending this month, that I live at a generally high level of psychic pain and that, when I anticipate it spiking toward 90-100%, I feel no obligation to inflict that degree of injury upon myself.

And everyone nodded in complete agreement and understanding.


Karen said...

There is great solace in finding others who understand completely. There's nothing like it. And yes, no need to add a drop of pain to your already heavy load. Praying for deep comfort always.

Earthdog said...

I hope you continue to add to this blog. In my life I've found emotional pain to be such a unique, personal experience. So personal, it can alienate us from the very ones we need. And we all heal differently. God bless.