Saturday, July 18, 2009

Some Moments Are Harder Than Others

I had a little Facebook note from a law school classmate today. We haven't talked in years and I debated for several days before responding to her friend request. One of the hardest things is trying to figure out how to deal with people who re-appear from a past that now seems like it must have been someone else's life. (And I don't mean the practice of law part.) But I finally friended her and sent a short note indicating that we had had a rough year. If she read my profile, she would find out that Chicago Son had died.

She sent back a note telling me about her grown children's multiple graduations (including one just out of law school and en route to an L.L.M.) and her and her husband's successful law practices and recent purchase of a home on The Great Lake to the North. As far as I can tell, the lone bump in the road has been their inability to sell their original home for the past year. She added that she hopes that things have turned around for us.

"Hope things have turned around." That's not, you know, a remotely applicable phrase. I suppose she imagines that someone has lost a job, or perhaps gotten really sick ~ situations that might, indeed, turn around. Or not. And I find that I have no desire at all to explain our move to a parallel universe.

Facebook can be a real PITA.


Diane said...

true. It's great for some small connections, but I think it really gives people permission to stay on the surface.

prayers ascending

karengberger said...

I agree 100% about FB. I always hesitate with those "out of the past" requests. I tend to think, if I had wanted to stay in touch, I would have done so..but there are a few exceptions.
This person's message reminds me of what it's like to reade the "Alumni Notes" in my college magazine. Most people seem to write when they have something to boast about, and they stay silent when life is hard.
As if this experience can be "turned around."

Purple said...

I am not sure even insensitive covers it.

As to FB...I am on it and have yet to figure out the utter fascination others have with it. Fun at at times...yes. PITA...yes.

Jennifer said...

Oh, dear. ((GG))

Karen and Joe said...

Yeah, I've had those moments too. I don't even tell the uninitiated anymore...I can't take the careless or clueless responses. The outside world can be such a harsh place. So sorry for this painful and difficult encounter, GG.

Lisa :-] said...

Hmmmmm.... My philosophy is that just because someone has asked me to be their friend, doesn't mean I have to accept.

Then again, I have had absolutely NO ONE out of my past ask to be my friend.

Speaks volumes about me, I guess...