Thursday, February 19, 2009


I may have mentioned that I had a few medical tests a month ago.

I finally gave in and called for the results today. The doctor has to call tomorrow and tell me what I might do next, but the nurse read the report over the phone and spelled the big words and told me what they meant.

They didn't sound very exciting to me. They sounded like things that should probably be clarified sooner rather than later, and that might require some attention someday.

But I did look them up online. There were the usual medical board postings which included some slightly hysterical posts and some generally reassuring posts.

I find it difficult to churn up much interest in what any of it means.


Althea N. Agape said...

The internet is a benefit and a curse. Talk to the Dr. find out. It matters. It really does. Maybe not urgently or critically, but your health matters. To me and to others. Prayers are ascending.

Gannet Girl said...

Oh, I will. I'm just expressing how uninteresting ad like information from another planet it seems.

And thank you. Very much.

Kathryn J said...

I know that doctor's aren't easy for you but please follow-up. Some things are not a big deal but best taken care of early. The detachment is interesting and probably feels quite odd. Thoughts and prayers for you my friend.

Carol said...

I understand the paralysis that can set in from all the medical "information" on the internet. And throwing in your feelings toward the medical community doubles it. But please don't ignore this, GG. Your health is far too important. Good thoughts headed your way.

Jodie said...

I remember looking up some symptoms once. I found a site that said:

"Oh yeah, you are going to die. And if you need help getting your affairs in order, here is a link for you"

Or some such thing.

I don't use the internet for self diagnosis anymore.

Rev SS said...

I agree with Althea. Continuing to hold you in prayer.

Stratoz said...

peace be with you.

I am going to a doctor tomorrow. today I was mocked by friends when I told them how long my shoulder has been bothering me.

Anonymous said...

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